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The SLIM RUN fearless leader, Gerry Cahill getting the show on the road

First stop - the museum in Atchison, Kansas

First stop - the museum in Atchison, Kansas

Oops - the museum stop is longer than expected. Larry's MGB doesn't want to start

Todd, Rob, Gerry and Bill get it going

On the road. Gerry's MGA leading the way.

Its not all MGs. Thats a right-hand drive Triumph Vitesse

Rob is having problems with the distributor on Tommie's TD

Rob checking the distributor

If it ain't broke, fix it until it is.

Now its broke. The TD's distributor is totally locked up.

Karaoke featuring Todd and Rob

Tour participants enjoying the "entertainment"

More entertainment featuring Rob and Todd. Notice Gerry and Tracy's extreme interest

Still more entertainment. The entertainers are probably having more fun than the audience

Still can't identify the guilty parties

Here's Randy, Anne, Diane and Todd.

They are still up there. Must be pretty good

Keith and Tommie singing. Don't know what Rob and Gerry are doing

Pat McCracken and Christine Rollert try Karaoke, too

Grand Finale! Goeff, Diane, Gerry, Tommie, Rob, Keith and Todd. 7 "singers" and 2 microphones

The show is over. What are we going to do now?

On the road back to Kansas City thru scenic Kansas prairie country

More of the same. What did you expect?

Actually, there are a few trees.

The excitement on the way back. Musical MGB batteries to keep Todd's car going.
Sorry, too busy eating to take any pictures of the brunch at the end of the tour. You really don't want to see these people eating anyway.